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        The market system of the Junyi Lanting brand is a franchise franchise model. After more than ten years of development, the current domestic product sales outlets have reached more than 800. Franchise stores are located in 25 provinces across the country and are growing at 30% per year Increasingly, the company expects that through its efforts, the total sales will reach 1 billion yuan in the next three years.

        Create the most influential international home textile brand

        Ou Lansha fully advocates neo-elegance-intellectual elegance, advocating quality, classic nobility, never blindly following the trend, showing unique personality charm, has always been the purpose of this brand from a team of well-known domestic fabric space decoration designers, a professional team Literacy will have a keen sense of fashion.

        The infinitely detailed design and the rigorous and exquisite processing technology are perfect and gentle, which makes each Oransha product exude an unparalleled temperament and style. With a perfect living experience, it conveys a personalized style advocating elegance and taste. , Enjoy the beauty of life! ... [View all]


        Entreprise's news

        • Customizing and washing method for intelligent curtain

          Method of cleaning curtains Curtain fabric investment: As a strong fleece curtain, after dismantling, the curtain should be shaken by hand to reduce the dust on the surface of the flannel, and then soaked in water with detergent 15 About minutes. Here its

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        • How about Zhengzhou curtain fabric wholesale price linen?

          When you enter the curtain manufacturer's eyes, it is easy to be attracted by the looming fabrics, such as paper-like non-woven fabrics and rose-like window screens. There are dozens of options for pink pastel colors. Gentle flat screens and cloth windows can reduce the brightness of the light and make the scenery outside look

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        • Which curtain wholesale manufacturers are good

          Blackout curtains, good material, blackout curtain materials 1. Cotton and linen curtains: curtain fabric investment has good moisture permeability and soft feel. As a fabric for curtain cloth, it also has a certain effect of adsorbing dust in the air; it lacks elasticity, is not brittle, and after washing

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        • Curtain manufacturers wholesale prices

          Modern people have smart, electronic, electronic, high-tech tags on their labels. There are no high-tech products in your home. It feels like someone has come out of someone special. Which Zhengzhou curtain company is good, our curtains are the main products, then today, smart electric curtains and pass

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        • Curtain fabric wholesale price

          The wholesale of curtain fabrics can be divided into printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard fabrics and embroidered fabrics according to fabrics and processes. Printed fabric: The color and pattern printed on the pure fabric are called printed fabrics. Features: colorful, rich and delicate pattern.

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        • Henan curtain fabric wholesale manufacturers

          Every home will have curtains, and there are different types of curtains for different decoration styles and different materials. We can decide which material to use for curtains according to factors such as furniture style, room function, and season. Let me introduce you

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